Dream about big fishred

Suggests that you have become somewhat callous to the events around you. You are acting cynical and though you may not ask for others' help, you are certainly relying on them.

⭐️ Lucky Number : : 2 : 3

⭐️ Lucky Color : white

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Dreams are mysterious stories that occur in the human brain while sleeping. Because whether it is a place, people, or dream event The dreamer may never have encountered or experienced them before in real life. And sometimes the dreams that come out may look completely different and far from the truth Dreams often affect how you feel when you wake up. Both good dreams and nightmares The dream may therefore be a matter that many people wonder how to happen.

That dream is a condition that occurs while sleeping. It is a condition in which the brain projects images of things, both physical and imaginary. The dream story is somewhat volatile, incoherent, unpredictable, and unreasonable. At present, researchers have not been able to determine all the true information about the dreams. But there are many theories and beliefs about dreams.

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-- How to cure bad dreams Into a good dream according to Buddhism. ! --

After waking up, if you know the dream is a nightmare, hurry and wash your body. Get dressed well Burn incense and candles to worship monks Acquisition of incantations to resolve evil visions to become good The power of the incantation will help dispel the bad omen in a sudden disappearance.
(Begin with speak " Na mo tas sa" 3 round) and recite the spell as follows.

Yan Toon Nimit Tang Awa Mangkhalancha Yojama Naposaku - Nassa Satopakha Tussupinang Akantang Phuttanupha Venavina Samanthu.
Yan Toon Nimit Tang Awa Mangkhalancha Yojama Naposaku - Nassa Satopakha Tussupinang Akantang Thammanupha Venavina Samentu.
Yan Toon Nimit Tang Awa Mangkhanjaya Yojama Naposaku - Nassa Satopakha Tussupinang Akantang Sangkanupha Venavina Samentu.